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About Me

My Story and Background

About Me

People always ask – Why Sex Therapy? How did you begin this path? I was always observant of relationships. I enjoyed watching how people interacted with one another, noticing people’s reactions and how they responded to certain verbal and non-verbal cues.

As I got older and watched people pair off into romantic relationships, I grew a fascination for understanding the intricate details of their love, infatuation and lust. What made certain relationships work and what drew people together? That was the question that stuck with me.

Not only did I want to better understand intimacy and sexuality, but I grew to value healthy relationships and yearned to help people truly understand each other and the role they play within their partnership. It is an incredible feeling when I help individuals discover their own sexual identity or when I help enhance emotional and physical intimacy for a couple.

Living in New York, I realized that it is easy to become distracted by the competitive nature of society, and the need to succeed professionally and financially. In order to excel, we become attached to our devices, bringing home our work. If work is not the priority, there is a habit of zoning out on social media or scrolling articles on our smartphone browser. In sessions and in my personal life, I saw how this inevitably impacted intimacy in relationships. Our dedication and focus is anywhere but the relationship that matters most.

My mission is to continue researching this phenomenon and to help individuals and couples be more present in their day-to-day lives. To learn about their own needs and to communicate them with the people that matter. If I succeed in that, then I know my clients will live more fulfilling lives.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey.

My mission is to help individuals and couples be more present in their day-to-date lives. The first step is Tech-Moderation

My Book

Dating and Mating in a Techno-Driven World: Understanding How Technology Is Helping and Hurting Relationships

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Treatment Style…

My primary focus is treating individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulty reaching orgasm, painful sex, erectile functioning issues, symptoms of depression and anxiety, and those going through life transitions such as break-ups and divorce. I am also recognized as a leading expert on helping couples identify and resolve technology related conflict in their relationships.

I often utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with a strengths perspective to help individuals find confidence and improved self-esteem. I also employ sensate therapy with individuals and couples looking to improve intimacy by gaining a deeper understanding of their bodies.

I am a member of both AASECT and NASW and am currently earning my PhD in Human Sexuality where I am the lead researcher for a study on the influence of technology on dating and relationships.

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