An Interview with Amy Buckalter: Founder of Pulse: Personal Lubricants, Aloe-ahh and H2Oh! and the Pulse warming dispenser

Finding a natural warming lubricant is difficult, so when Amy reached out to me I was excited to learn more about the Pulse products and how they differ from other lubricants.

Amy explained that most personal lubricants are silicone-based, water-based, or oil-based. She was unhappy with the harmful ingredients, and also the inconvenient, unhygienic, and messy delivery from tubes and bottles. Dispensing from tubes and bottles are messy and end up getting sticky residue all over the bottle, usually more than your desired amount poured into your hands, or dripping onto the nightstand. She conducted research with 500 women via a survey. Most women said they couldn’t stand the messiness or the cold temperature of the lubricant. They also stated that during intimate moments they fumbled with opening the tubes and bottles and that they couldn’t control the portions for dispensing.

Pulse is the first lubricant to be packaged in a clean delivery system; there is an airless pump within each Pod that eliminates contamination.  She sent me a couple samples, and I have to say they are very clean, small, and compact. You can either insert the lubricant Pods into the warming dispenser, for touchless delivery of pre-measured servings (Pulse design btw is also very sleek looking), or you can simply dispense manually.

The dispenser has temperature and portion control. So when you insert your hand underneath the dispenser (much like an automatic soap dispenser, but much quieter), you receive a small serving of the lubricant; it is dispensed in a comfortably warm temperature and in perfect size servings.

Pulse is proven safe and cleared by the FDA.  And check out their osmolality measurement of 301 (most measure above 1800, and lower is better with optimal at 308) This is critical because it measures whether the lubricant will basically hydrate or dehydrate the cells in your vaginal walls (which is pretty important for lubrication). The lubricant also has no scent. Lastly, each lubricant Pod holds 9-14 servings depending on whether you manually dispense to your Pulse warming dispenser delivers the lubricant in pre-measured servings, so depending on how often you use a lubricant you might have to order a few bottles. You can choose from silicone-based, Aloe-ahh with soothing aloe-and vitamin E or water-based, H2Oh! with hydrating pure chia extract. Water-based is more natural so I would choose that option.

Click the link to order and use code: DRRACHEL (all caps) for a Discount

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