Different Alcohol Effects: Responses to Alcohol

We already know that people tend to get horny when drunk. Science has proven this more often than anyone can remember. You might have also heard that different types of alcohol induce varying levels of horniness. What’s so unbelievable about this after all? Whiskey gets you frisky, tequila blacks you out, gin makes you sin until you wake up naked next to a strange bedfellow…does not all of this sound way too familiar?

While this may seem anecdotally sound, it is not because of the chemical constituency of the different alcohol types, but because of the alcohol content in them, and how much you end up consuming. A standard drink comprises nearly 14 grams of pure distillate alcohol. Generally speaking, one or two standard drinks are sufficient to shoot your libido through the roof, without really leaving you being rendered incapable of an Earth-shattering performance-if you understand this.

What accords various drinks their respective reputations is a combination of factors. Here, we have explained the libido capacity of 4 different types of alcohol, and how they turn you into the person that you are between the sheets.


How beer effect on Sexual Desire

It is common knowledge that beer slows you down and makes you clumsy. This is why it is not good for your sex life. While there may be various studies to prove that beer could improve your performance in bed, that happens to be true only when the right beer amount is used (this is generally 1-2 bottles at most). Since beer is viewed as “light” alcohol, drinkers tend to consume more beer than they should, ending up feeling bloated, drowsy, and too intoxicated to just normally be. Here’s a suggestion: relegate the beer-binge to “chilling out with the bros” time, because moderation is important if you hold any ‘after-party sex’ intentions.


Effect of Wine on men and women
Sex and Wine are a powerful combination for more reasons than one, as long as you do not binge drink the entire wine bottle Italian researchers conducted a study in 2009 to demonstrate that women who regularly consumed red wine but in moderation tended to be extra horny than their non-wine drinking or other alcohol-consuming counterparts. Women get instantly turned on by certain fragrances often described as woody, earthy, cherry-like, and musky: all of which red wine contains. So serving red wine to a lady date is a good idea for some action between the sheets!


Champagne Alcohol

Due to the fuzzy carbonated nature of the drink, several drinkers aren’t able to overcome the strength of more than three glasses before feeling highly buzzed. Fortunately, champagne is amazing for your routine sex life, since it contains the perfect concentration of alcohol to shoot your sexual powers right up even after a few glasses of it. Additionally, it is great for men, because men have been shown to get aroused by scents such as caramel, lavender, orange, and vanilla: essentially all “fruity” flavors-which are all usually found in high-quality, smooth champagne.


Whiskey effect on sex life

Whiskey is tasty; you have to give it credit for that. But it does not do anything special to turn-up your oomph factor in bed. Why is that so? Well, it is because whiskey, apart from other dark liquors, contains distillation’s fermentation byproducts. These byproducts are called “congeners”, -the major ingredient of terrible hangovers that are the exact opposite of anything remotely related to “sexy”. However, even with that said, whiskey can still not be used as a potent aphrodisiac as it is most often consumed (that is, not as a single drink in a glass, or mixed with some other liquor or concoction instead of a shot-on-the-rocks thing). No matter how you consume it, whiskey does absolutely nothing for sex.

Apart from all the scientific physiological effects which are discussed time and time again, alcohol holds the potential of “suggestion”. This is why it is a big reason we feel ultra horny (or even emotional or angry sometimes) when we drink beyond our capacity. According to a study conducted in 2003, people only thought that they consumed alcohol, when in fact they were just drinking plain tonic water without any alcoholic content in it. But they still acted suggestible, horny, and drunk.  This study proved that people’s inner sexy beast emerges only after they have had a couple of drinks and not because they are drunk! This can be partly attributed to their subconscious directing their behavior.

So there you have it. An exhaustive instructional guide on the various ways the different kinds of booze impact your bedroom performance. What is the biggest takeaway after all this? No matter which kind of booze you drink, as long as it is consumed in moderation, allow those inhibition-stripping sweet and sense-abandoning effects to take over you. Cheers!

Effects Of Alcohol On Men And Women

So far, we have already discussed the effects of different types of alcohol on their regular consumers. But it is about time that we discussed alcohol’s effects on the descendants of Adam and Eve as well (that is on men and women)

Effects Of Alcohol On Women

If the vagina is your sex-organ, then alcohol can register a wide range of effects on your overall sex life. Here’s how alcohol can bring in some changes for women:

  1. Increase in sexual libido:

While moderate drinking might cause an upsurge in your arousal, you can never quite really be sure all of the time. Alcohol consumption raises testosterone levels in women. This male sex hormone has been reported to play a major role in the rising overall sexual desire. It might be a contributory factor in women reporting enhanced sexual prowess and appetite during and after drinking.

However, there might also be an element of subconscious expectation involved. People mentally associate consuming alcohol with an abandoning of inhibitions to feel more sexy and confident. You can go so far as to call it a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you might get lucky while drinking, you probably might.

  1. It can increase or decrease sexual arousal

Some women develop a greater interest in sex while they have only a few drinks. However, that still does not mean that their bodies look forward to a steamy seductive session.

Some trustworthy sources have demonstrated that alcohol consumption might make women think they are in the mood. But the truth is that excessive booze might induce a depressive physiological impact, thereby decreasing women’s sexual response.

As mentioned here before, with sex and alcohol, moderation is important, suggest experts. The more you end up drinking, the worse your sexual arousal will be along with a delayed response from your sex organs.

  1. Orgasms are difficult to achieve

While a single drink might not interfere with the blood flow towards your genitalia, excessive drinking can have severe cognitive, physiological, as well as behavioral impacts due to orgasm dysfunction brought about by alcohol. This means that you will have a delayed climax and less impactful orgasms- if you can get an orgasm at all.

If you much rather prefer a happy climax at the end of masturbation or sex with your partner, then it is best to check your booze buzz.

  1. Alcohol makes getting wet more difficult

When you are highly turned on, your body anticipates sex by enhancing the blood flow towards your vagina, causing it to swell as well as self-lubricate. Or in other words, your vagina prepares itself to get “dicked-down”.

Excessive drinking can halt the above mentioned physiological responses while interfering with your vagina’s ability to get wet, leading to rough friction and overall discomfort.

Effects Of Alcohol On Men

The effects of alcohol on men’s bodies are directly observable and hence more straightforward.

  • Alcohol may make getting hard difficult

We are talking about the reality of “whiskey drink” here. And only blame whiskey for that matter? Any hard liquor or alcoholic beverage makes it harder for men to get an erection!

Alcohol affects your penis’ ability to obtain as well as maintain an erection for a sustained time. Regular excessive drinking might even induce permanent damage in worst-case scenarios, leading to erectile dysfunction.

Here’s how booze affects your boner in some ways:

  • Decreases blood flow towards your dick.
  • Increases the level of angiotensin in your bloodstream- a hormone associated with erectile dysfunction.
  • Depresses the stimulations of the central nervous system.
  • Alcohol might delay ejaculation

While a couple of drinks may not interfere with your ejaculations, but excessive drinking definitely might.

Too many drinks at a time have been reported to cause delayed ejaculation, which means, you might take more than 30 minutes orgasm and immediately ejaculate. Or in the worst-case scenario, you might not be able to ejaculate completely!

  • A little alcohol may still make you horny!

Similar to how women get aroused with a little bit of booze but not too much, a little amount of alcohol may enhance sexual arousal in men as well.

Yet again, the important thing to remember here is moderate drinking. One drink (two drinks if your weight is upwards of 190 pounds) might be enough for you to feel the heat. But if you drink more than the mentioned amount, then your sex drive along with your erection capabilities will have to see a downturn.

  • Alcohol makes you undertake new sexual risks

This can be good or bad depending on how you see it.

While alcohol is associated with increased risk-taking in women and men, it has been established to be more of a driving factor in men.

Moderate drinking has a relaxing impact on men’s bodies and helps decrease hesitations with overt sexual expression. This makes men sexually explorative. However, it’s as they say-there must be a limit to all good things. The limit here is risk-taking. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to extremely risky behaviors during sex. Several research studies have proven that men are more likely to have unprotected sex or physically injurious sex under alcohol’s influence.

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