Best Male Enhancement Pill to start year 2021- Pros & Cons

A lot of men remain insecure over their inability to either get an erection or retain one. The current toxic body-shaming culture makes them feel as if it’s their fault, and they sadly internalize this message. Needless to say, such men wish to fulfill all their partner’s sexual desires, but their bodily difference heightens their insecurity to an extent that they’re unable to enjoy sex. Thus, this characteristic affects both partners, instead of the man alone!

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Just imagine the scene when both partners make themselves ready for sex. The bedroom lights up with the soft glow of the candles. The electric lights throw colored shades on the walls. The patterns of lights and shadows dance around the room, while the silhouette’s glint on the curves. The woman’s/Sub’s inviting curves through their dress drive the man crazy with desire. Imagine you and your partner in this scenario. While she is receptive, and writhing with desire for mind-blowing sex, she extends her arms to throw herself into you. And you follow her signs by following her heels until you indulge in some passionate foreplay. But you are worried about an intrusion in this romantic moment that she may or may not know of yet. This doubt starts eating you from within and you are unable to go forward with the act. The room that seemed so lovely only a while ago suddenly starts to cave in, as dark thoughts about your sexual potentialities start swirling your mind. The curtains fall on the both of you while you brood over a possible solution to your conundrum.

There are alternatives where the woman can engage in certain activities to help her man get a sustainable erection but that’s just about it. The penis is primarily an organ for copulation. Its very basis of creation is to participate and enhance the act of sex. Both the male as well as female sex organs complement each other to reach a satisfying climax. The lady’s private parts are designed to be receptive and sensitive at specific spots. From an evolutionary biological perspective, the vagina gets moist after receiving certain sensory stimuli-whether touch, sight, smell, sound, etc. An erect and an enlarged penis act as the stimulus to get the vagina ready, especially when the woman wants it. However, if you are a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, you don’t have to lose heart. We live in the 21st century where science and technology have progressed to provide solutions for all of our problems! So if you believe there’s nothing to be done about your condition, you’re in for a big surprise!

The times of experiencing a reduced libido or a sex drive are now over. It’s the time now to pack away your days of disappointment, pain, and self-hatred. Now you, despite your erectile dysfunction, will be able to relax, boost your confidence, as well as reassure your participation in your partner’s satisfaction. Now you can get the dick of your dreams without using any artificial appendages! How? By using male enlargement pills, read on to find out more.

Here are certain things you should bear in mind while looking for the male enhancer ideal for you:

  • Do not confuse immediate results with body-safety quality.
  • Ideally, the product should be registered under your place’s Medical Sciences, Government Authority laws. While it may be effective, but you would want to be carefree with its usage.
  • Try to steer clear of unheard-of pills or related products. Although rare, the possibility of unwanted side effects cannot be ruled out.
  • Certain products may be overpriced as a sales tactic. Make sure you check the product’s features thoroughly before shelling out any big bucks.
  • Pills that help boost your blood Testosterone concentration should be the most sought-after.
  • Delve into all possible research on the best male sex enhancement pills available on the market.
  • Be extremely sure about the exact dosage and duration of the pills you are about to consume. They are not meant for indefinite intake and a doctor’s counsel should be ideally sought.
  • Nothing can be better than a comprehensive, online comparison of your desired product with similar ones available on the market. This includes cost as well as feature comparison.
  • Lastly, do take into account the ease of consumption of the pill on your body. Discard intake immediately upon experiencing any negative side effects or some other form of discomfort.

Now that we are done discussing the important characteristics of the best penis enlargement products, we shall discuss one of the best ones available. All the aforementioned conditions and more were considered to finalize our decision for the best male enlargement pill out there. While it may not be packed with ALL the qualities listed above, it still comes close.

Best Male Enlargement Pill

Max Performer (Penis Enlarger Pill- Blue Pill)

Male Enlargement Pill

Launched in 2015, this is the most popular product available on the market. Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd formulated the perfect formula for the best male enhancement pill that there could be. It was named Max Performer and indeed, this has suited the product’s reputation. In the domain of male enhancement pills, Max Performer outrivaled its competitors by a very wide margin to end up wt the number one spot.

This pill’s formulators concentrated their entire focus on three factors alone before packing a solid punch with the final product. There were those three:

  • Libido:

This is trickiest of all since libido aka sex drive depends upon several conditions and varies from person to person. Usually, sex drive in men is as high as compared to women. However, for those dealing with a decreased sex drive, one of the possible contributory reasons could be their slow to act sex hormones. Medications work by reviving their plummeting sex hormone. This is exactly where Max Performer is designed to provide you with top-quality results. This pill has an accurate mix of increasing sex hormone concentrations in your bloodstream for your power-packed performance.

  • Stamina:

Max Performer increases your strength to an extent which you or may not have experienced previously. After taking a single pill, you might end up feeling like a robust Horse, which might never exhaust itself even long after the race is over.

  • Erection:

An erection does not take place on its own, and it does not last indefinitely! While the libido helps maintain it, its causes can be many. To devise the best medication to maintain an erection, we need to know the entire process of an erection’s creation and sustenance. Within the penis, there are chambers collectively called the Corpora Cavernosa. Both of the chambers of Corpora Cavernosa are constituted by a sponge-like tissue. At the time of sexual arousal, the chambers enlarge due to a heady onrush of incoming blood flow. Even then, both of these chambers remain partially open all of the time. No sooner than the signal for arousal happens, the arteries get opened after receiving instructions from the brain. Now, blood enters via the recently opened arteries into the chambers to compress the veins. As soon as the veins are compressed, blood gets trapped within the male organ’s shaft. This prompts erection which is sustained until the brain stops sending its signals. Thus, the penis gets back to its original form.

The primary constituents of Max Performer are known to perform this very function. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Maca
  • Korean red Ginseng
  • iron
  • Niacin
  • Bioperine
  • Cordyceps
  • Riboflavin

Max Performer is the only product known to contain almost 15 rare ingredients in its formula. The medicinal properties of each of these ingredients can be.

Max Performer is clinically tested to be safe, with zero side effects reported and guaranteeing 100% contentment. Its formulators are so confident of the pill’s efficiency that they even offer a refund policy for one hundred days from the day of purchase, should you happen to find the product below par from your satisfaction.

They also provide worldwide delivery and transport services of their product right at the promised date of delivery. Here are the pros and cons of Max Performer:


  • ¬†Intense libido is produced by several magnitudes after the immediate consumption of these pills.
  • A guarantee of an unprecedented erection is confirmed.
  • Max Performer helps sustain a longer-lasting erection as compared to other products available in the market
  • With a longer-lasting erection, you can help your partner achieve an erection faster.
  • Causes an obvious upsurge in your confidence.
  • You improve your current stamina, thereby increasing your average duration and performance in bed
  • A minimization of low self-esteem.
  • Inevitable orgasm, with an increase in performance. Max Performer helps guarantee an occurrence of multiple orgasms.
  • Improved romance because of obvious reasons.
  • Clinically tested ingredients with body-safe formulations.
  • Max Performer’s success lies in your lover’s eagerness for sex the next time around.
  • Money-back guarantees on a sex enhancement pill. What could be better?
  • Although a physician’s prescription is not needed to avail Max Performer, it’s highly recommended that you consult one.


  • Your instincts and promptness might be hampered due to your intake of a penis enlargement pill.
  • You might have to bear extra costs for your sex life. Max Performer might come across as expensive to some users
  • Manufacturers do not claim an absolute 100 percent guarantee for its efficiency.
  • Despite the guarantee of 0 side effects, you must check your physical health and consult a doctor to remove all doubts.
  • Addiction is very much a possibility, and you must resist overdependence on the drug lest you end up killing your instincts.
  • Your confidence with the pill’s usage may be affected by people’s perception and mentality towards it.
  • Beware of counterfeit, almost expired Max Performer pills. Buy your pills only from trusted dealers or pharmaceutical outlets.
  • No provision for litigation possible. If the pill fails to give you your desired results, the most you can do is shoot it in your garage and move ahead with your life.


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