What I learned from Craniosacral therapy: Don’t kill the messenger

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It essentially consists of a practitioner “listening through their hands” to your body, noticing patterns of congestion (obtained from stressors or trauma). The practitioner listens and then attempts to heal by listening to the cues of the body.

Skeptical? So was I. I booked an appointment, simply because I heard it was helpful for clients dealing with pelvic physical pain and trauma. Many of my clients struggle with endometriosis, dyspareunia, and have experienced trauma. Before referring them to a therapy I was unfamiliar with, I decided to try it out myself. After all, why not attempt some energy healing? If it works, I can certainly benefit.

It started with the practitioner asking me what brought me to a session. I began discussing my clients and the motivation behind making the initial call. However, after a couple minutes I felt an urge to discuss my own hardships. She was easy to talk to, calming, and supportive. The space felt warm and open, so I felt inclined to share.

Next she asked me to lay on the table. She asked for permission to touch me in order to find where I held tension and stress. It almost felt like a light massage. As she began the therapy she discussed my past and offered some wisdom. One of the messages that resonated the most was “don’t kill the messenger.”  She explained that in life we are sometimes forced to suffer. We are presented with situations that we have trouble understanding or look for rhyme and reason for the occurrence. She said sometimes the message is that change is needed. For some reason something was not working, and the outcome and growth from the experience is required for self actualization. Although the messenger is sometimes harsh, like an illness, a traumatic relationship or a loss of job, the gain can be extraordinary.

So how did I feel about Craniosacral therapy? I am still not entirely sure. It was definitely different and I definitely took away an important lesson. I also have to say that I only had one session so I cannot speak to the entire experience. What I can say is being open-minded to these unique experiences can certainly offer unexpected rewards.